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About me

  • Name: Idiot O'Crapface
  • B-day: July the 4th
  • Age: 14
  • Country: Russia
  • Drawing programs:Photoshop CS3, Paint Tool SAI

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What mega would you prefer me make up and draw? 

19 deviants said The Lake Guardians (all of them)
16 deviants said Leavanny (X and Y)
16 deviants said Volcarona
8 deviants said Meganium
4 deviants said Another Serperior
1 deviant said Other (comment)


Hopefully everything works ;P…


Mega Lake Trio (+ shiny) by Sylvaur
Mega Lake Trio (+ shiny)
Maaaan  is this loong overdue

Hi everyones! :wave:
So as some may remember, recently I've posted a poll on which mega(s) you'd want to see me do. The lead was the Lake Trio, to my surprise and happiness :>
And I quite enjoyed designing them and coming up with their moves and abilities (with my bae :icondaybreakm: here), so yay I hope you like 'em too!

Oh and this is the first thing I've ever streamed drawing so far. 


Negates all stat changes of the opposing team.
Note: both positive AND negative

Attack: 85 (+10)
Defense: 160 (+30)
Sp. Attack: 85 (+10)
Sp. Defense: 160 (+30)
Speed: 115 (+20)

The user gathers all of its knowledge to predict and shield itself and its allies from opponents' attacks for two turns. Can only be used once in a battle.
Category: Status
Power: —
Accuracy: —
Secondary effect: —
Priority: +4


50% chance to raise a stat and decrease another by 3 stages each turn.

Attack: 120 (+15)
Defense: 120 (+15)
Sp. Attack: 120 (+15)
Sp. Defense: 120 (+15)
Speed: 120 (+40)

The user gathers all of its bundled up emotions in a burst of chaotic energy.
Category: Special
Power: 60
Accuracy: 95%
Secondary effect: 100% chance to inflict Paralysis/Burn/Freeze/Sleep/Poisoning; (20% each) 30% chance to at the same time inflict Confusion/Infatuation/Taunt/Encore/Torment (6% each)
Priority: —


50% chance to overcome status trouble each turn.

Attack: 155 (+30)
Defense: 80 (+10)
Sp. Attack: 155 (+30)
Sp. Defense: 80 (+10)
Speed: 135 (+20)

The user gathers all of its willpower in a powerful blast of energy, which super-effectively hits Dark-type pokemon.
Category: Special
Power: 110
Accuracy: 75%
Secondary effect: —
Priority: —

I feel like I should explain some (and by some I mean two) design choices:
:bulletgreen: Mega Mesprit in this concept serves as a vessel for every emotion imaginable, so it keeps to a trance-like state and twitches randomly
:bulletgreen: Their "hair" is a combination of their regular forms', but in one Mega the "parts" of their respective non-Mega counterpart are drastically bigger than in other Megas: Mega Uxie's back "hair" is bigger than Mega Mesprit's and Mega Azelf's, Mega Mesprit's "bangs" are bigger than Mega Uxie's and Mega Azelf's, and Mega Azelf's "sideburns" and "horn" is bigger than Mega Mesprit's and Mega Azelf's

Follow me at Twitter, where I post random pretty sketches, WIPs, and other shit like that!
Ask me things here!

Enjoy and have a nice day!~
Hopefully everything works ;P…

Neptune by Sylvaur
Yay I'm active again! Hooraaay
Ok so there's not much to say here.
Meet Neptune (or maybe Andromeda), my future shiny Braixen Cuteness contest star :3 I'm now in the process of shiny hatching Fennekin to use in contests. Here Neptune (or maybe Andromeda) is using Ember since it's one of his (or maybe her) moves. This drawing is kinda bittersweet to me, it looks good at first glance, but I'm starting to think I hugely overdid it. Well anyways, it's been gotten over with so yay for that <3

Oh and I initially started to record a speedpaint, but I forgot to record from like the middle. Lol

Follow me at Twitter, where I post random pretty sketches, WIPs, and other shit like that!
Watch speedpaint here!
Ask me things here!

Enjoy and have a nice day!~
Christmas Time by Sylvaur
Christmas Time
Christmas-themed avatar for RenaeCollects, requested by her ever so lovely and wonderful self :iconsomuchluffplz:
Any RenaeCollects fans out there in my watchers list? <3

Sweater pattern
Follow me at Twitter, where I post random pretty sketches, WIPs, and other shit like that!
Ask me things here!

Enjoy and have a nice day!~


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Just saw your birthday, mine is July 2nd. That's like two days apart
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Do you take requests?
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thank you for watching me sylvaur :3

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